Refrigerated and frozen semen

Production of refrigerated and frozen semen for dog owners and breeders

Dyrlægegruppen Dania is one of Denmark’s leading experts in reproduction in dogs and has advanced equipment to produce refrigerated and frozen semen. The semen is safely delivered to dog owners and breeders worldwide.

You therefore do not need to worry about proper handling and shipping. We handle the process from A-Z, so you can concentrate on finding the right breeding match for your male or female dog.

Refrigerated semen or frozen semen?

There are several factors that come into play when you need to choose between cooling or freezing your male dog’s semen. These include the purpose of the tapping, the distance between the male dog and the female and the female’s optimal mating time. At Dyrlægegruppen Dania, our experienced vets are ready to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages associated with the two methods, so that you can make the right choice for your particular situation.

Production of refrigerated semen

We produce refrigerated sperm after fresh tapping of the sperm fraction in the clinic. Here, the male dog is manipulated to ejaculate without the use of sedatives and without discomfort for the dog. The sperm is fractionated into three fractions, and any prostate secretions are centrifuged off, this improves the sperm’s durability. A diluent is then added, which nourishes the sperm and ensures that it can stay fresh for up to 10 days under refrigerated conditions.

The refrigerated semen is sent to dog owners and breeders at home and abroad in special cooler containers with two large cooling elements, which keep the semen fraction chilled during transport. Frozen semen is sent in special cryogen containers.

Shipping takes place via a courier company, which collects the sperm at the clinic and bring it to the agreed country. Within Europe, the sperm can usually arrive within 1 day, and for the USA within 2 days. You can also deliver the box to the airport yourself and send the seed directly by air, which usually arrives the same day.

Production of frozen semen

In our reproduction laboratory we have advanced equipment for the freezing and storage of dog semen. The sperm bank stores breeding material for dog owners and breeders both at home and abroad.