Canine sperm bank

Storage of frozen semen for dog owners and breeders

Veterinary group Dania is one of Denmark’s leading experts in reproduction in dogs and has advanced equipment for freezing and storing dog semen. The sperm bank stores breeding material for dog owners and breeders at home and abroad. We handle professional shipping of frozen semen to and from all over the world.

You don’t have to worry about proper handling and shipping. We handle the process from A-Z, so you can concentrate on finding the right breeding match for your male or female dog.

Why freeze dog semen?

We know that there may be several good reasons why you want to have your male dog’s sperm frozen and stored. Perhaps you have a breeding male from whom you want to preserve the breeding value after his death or send semen for breeding abroad. Many also choose freezing in cases where the male dog does not have the opportunity to be present at the optimal time for mating. Regardless of the reason, we are ready to advise me about the options for freezing and storing your male dog’s semen.

How does freezing take place?

Male dogs can be ejaculated all year round, but studies have shown that semen quality is best in winter. It is recommended that the male dog be drained approximately 1 week before freezing. Here, the male dog is manipulated to ejaculate without the use of sedatives and without discomfort for the dog. Depending on the breed, male dogs deliver between 0.5-3 ml. of seminal secretion. Freezing requires sperm of a certain quality, which is why the sperm’s mobility, concentration and morphology are assessed.

A diluent is then added, which enables the sperm cells to survive freezing. Freezing takes place in small plastic straws, which are stored at -196 degrees in special storage tanks. After freezing, thaw a single straw to check if the sperm has survived the freezing process.

If you know that the sperm will at some point, be exported abroad, it is important to state this when booking an appointment for freezing, as the import rules and the blood tests required for this differ from country to country. Your dog must be chip-tagged and bring the pedigree book with you on the day we freeze the semen.

In connection with the freezing, a contract is drawn up between the sperm bank and the depositor. This contains rules for storage, delivery and how many straws are inserted in the sperm bank.