Professional care and support for newborn puppies and kittens

When newborn puppies or kittens are born, great happiness arises, but new worries also announce their arrival. Regardless of whether you have previously had newborn kittens or puppies, or if this is your first litter, many new questions may arise. At Dyrlægegruppen Dania, we specialize in diagnosing and treating newborn puppies or kittens. We advise you on handling and feeding, just as we are ready if a problem should arise that requires quick treatment.

Dyrlægegruppen Dania’s hospital in Hinnerup is equipped to handle newborn kittens and puppies’ special physiological needs in the first weeks of life. In our shop you will find milk replacements of the highest quality and also user-friendly equipment for tube feeding, bottle feeding, puppy boost and much more.

When the birth does not go as planned

There can be many reasons why the newborn puppies or kittens need extra support and care in the first weeks of life. An early birth or a gruelling birth process can affect the well-being of the puppies. If the newborns require intensive treatment after birth or caesarean section, we at Dyrlægegruppen Dania offer incubators. Here, newborns can lie safely and warm at a constant temperature, humidity, and oxygen pressure. This ensures the best possible conditions during. We know that your family pet is part of your family. It is therefore important to us that both you and your dog or cat are safe during the entire process. We take the time to answer any questions that may arise – no concern is too small or too big.