Reduced fertility

Investigation of reduced fertility in dogs

When the decision to have puppies is made, many are surprised when pregnancy is not achieved on the first try. However, this is completely normal. In the event of repeated unsuccessful attempts, we at Dyrlægegruppen Dania recommend that an investigation into the dog’s fertility be initiated, so that continued mating with a potentially infertile female is avoided – for the benefit of the Female dog’s mental and physical health.

In case of reduced fertility in both female and male dogs, a diagnostic investigation is carried out to identify the problem, before any treatment is initiated.

Male dog

In case of reduced fertility in male dogs, an individual investigation plan is drawn up. An assessment is made of the dog’s semen quality and general health, just as the urinary and genital organs are scanned for any diseases. Analysis of blood samples is used to assess possible metabolic and infectious diseases. We are ready to advise you throughout the process. When diagnosing the underlying problem, the treatment options are reviewed with you before initiation.

Female dogs

The reasons for reduced fertility in females can be many – from poor heat control to low-level infections in the genitals. On arrival, an individual investigation plan is drawn up that is tailored specifically to your dog’s situation. There are many options for investigation, and for this we have an advanced ultrasound scanner, X-ray, quantitative progesterone tester, vaginoscopy and video endoscope. We advise you throughout the process and take our time to review any treatment options with you.