Professional insemination of dogs with fresh, refrigerated, or frozen semen

At Dyrlægegruppen Dania, we are supporters of natural mating, but there are situations where natural mating is not an option or beneficial for the animals. When using refrigerated or frozen semen, insemination is a necessity, just as the method can be beneficial for older male dogs who lose their breath during mating, or female dogs who have previously had bad experiences with mating. Insemination can also be considered if there is a significant size difference between female and male dog. In these cases, insemination is an effective and gentle alternative to natural mating.

We offer professional insemination with fresh semen, refrigerated semen and frozen semen, and have, over many years, built up great expertise and experience in the field. This is your guarantee of treatment at a high international level. You can therefore safely put your female dog in our hands.

Vaginal insemination

Vaginal insemination is used when the female needs to be inseminated with fresh semen – that is, semen that has been drained from the male dog a few minutes before. Here, the sperm is placed with the help of a catheter in front of the uterine mouth in the front part of the female’s vagina – the same place where the male dog would have placed the sperm during natural mating. Vaginal insemination is the counterpart to natural mating, and the probability of pregnancy is therefore at the same level.

TCI – Transcervical Intrauterine Insemination

In cases where insemination is done with refrigerated or frozen semen, or with slightly reduced sperm quality, Transcervical Intrauterine Insemination (TCI) is used. Here, the thawed sperm is deposited directly into the uterus using a video endoscope and thereby placed as close to the mature egg as possible.

Before insemination, the female dog is given a sedative medication to ensure that she stays still during the entire process. The thin video endoscope is approximately 3 millimetres in diameter and is inserted in front of the female’s cervix, after which a soft insemination catheter is carefully guided through the cervix and into the uterus. TCI is performed under the supervision of a video camera, on which you and the vet can follow the process and is not associated with pain for the female.