Birthing assistance and caesarean section

We safely help your puppies and kittens into the world.

Most births are problem free and progress without the use of extra help or support. However, complications can arise, and in these cases knowledge, experience and quick reaction play a decisive role. At Dyrlægegruppen Dania, we guide you through the entire pregnancy process – from proestrus(heat) control to the birth itself – and prepare you so that you are ready to act if problems arise.

No concern is too small. We always take the time to review the normal birth process, the things that can go wrong and how you should act in the given situations.

Home birth guidance

Most births take place at home in the animals’ familiar surroundings. Many problems can be prevented by calling us, so the vet can give advice and guidance based on your description of the problem. If we judge that extra assistance is necessary, you and your dog can be hospitalized for close monitoring of both puppies and female dog.

Hospitalization and caesarean section

In more serious cases, admission to the clinic in Hinnerup is offered. Here we have equipment for minor interventions, such as vest-stimulating treatment, and more extensive interventions such as caesarean sections. The purpose of the interventions is always to ensure a live litter and a healthy and well-adjusted female.

If a caesarean section is deemed necessary, we have modern operating theatres with equipment for monitoring the dog during the entire anaesthesia process. This is how we ensure a safe procedure for both bitch and owner. The anaesthesia takes place using recommended protocols, which are as gentle to the dog as possible. Our two experienced anaesthetists monitor the caesarean sections until the dog is awake again. It is your guarantee for competent and professional care of the highest quality and patient safety.

We know that changing the birth to emergency caesarean section can be overwhelming for the owner. That is why we always take the time to review the procedure with you, just as after the birth we prioritize talking through the entire birth process with you. It is important to us that both you and your dog leave here having had a good experience.